Chris Watts audio recordings released

COLORADO SPRINGS (KKTV) - Chris Watts will already spend the rest of his life in prison, but now he's opening up to investigators about how he killed his pregnant wife and two small children.

The audio recordings are five hours long, they were done at a Wisconsin prison where Watts is being held, last month.

Initially Watts said he killed his wife only after he saw her strangle their young daughters on a baby monitor.
The new interviews with the FBI paint a different picture of what happened to his family.
In the audio recordings Watts tells investigators his wife, Shannan got home from the airport around two in the morning, she woke him up and they had intercourse.

The next morning he says he got ready for work and woke Shannan up and straddled her as they argued.

"I was like I don't love you anymore and she's like you're never gonna see the kids again,” Watts said.

That’s when Watts tells investigators he snapped. 4-year-old Bella Watts came into her parents’ bedroom shortly after.

"She had her little pink blanket with her she was like what's wrong with mommy?” Watts said.

According to the recordings, he says their two little girls were still alive when he loaded his wife into his pick-up truck.

You can see him putting what looks like a gas tank into the truck in a neighbor's surveillance video. He describes that to investigators in the recordings.

He drove to the oil site where he worked. When they got there, he says he killed his youngest daughter Cece first and put her in a crude oil tank before killing Bella and putting her in a different tank.
In the recordings it sounds like Watts begins to cry as he describes killing his children.
“She had that soft voice she always had. She said is the same thing going to happen to me as Cece? I don't even remember what I said. I don't know if I said yes like a horrible person or if I just put the blanket over her too and did the same thing. She said no daddy and that's the last thing she said,” Watts said.

Watts told FBI investigators he wasn't thinking as he killed his family.
He says he has pictures of them in his prison cell and he talks to them every morning and night.