CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Snowplow driver runs red light in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Two snowplow operators were caught on camera blasting though a red light together in Colorado Springs.

These drivers brave risky conditions to make sure the roads are safe for all of us, but they aren't allowed to do this. It happened near Briargate Parkway and Voyager.

The couple who took the video of the incident said they're shocked. They're mostly trying to figure out what those drivers were thinking.
Those are big vehicles, and if someone had been in the intersection, they would have been crushed.

Danielle and Michael Palmer came to 11 News concerned after they watched snowplow run a red light.

"So I looked at her and was like 'did you see that? What was the deal," Michael Palmer recalled asking his wife when they witnessed it.

It's a little hard to see in the video, but the two City of Colorado Springs snowplows ran though a solid red light.

According to the Palmers it was the second red light in a row they ran.

"But we are just concerned," Michael stated. "We are looking at eight to fourteen tons between the rig and however much dirt they had back there. At 40-50 miles per hour downhill and…why are we blowing lights?"

The city says the drivers were trying to stick together, one went through a yellow light, and the other had to follow.

"Years ago I was a firefighter, we aren't even allowed to do that," Michael exclaimed.

In an email to the couple the city operations manager responded, saying "Rest assured I will be engaging with both operators and their supervisor."

"There is absolutely no excuse to do it twice in a row," Michael said. I can understand maybe he wasn't paying attention, was distracted, new operator, we don't know. But twice in a row it shows me it is very deliberate and that's the question is, why and what are they going to do to prevent it in the future."

The viewers who took the video say at the first red light they ran there was even a pedestrian crossing in the crosswalk, who had to wait in the middle of the road.

We've been told both operators have now been talked to and reminded they can't do that.