CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Crooks burglarize multiple Springs businesses

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Brazen criminals smashed their way into three Springs businesses overnight, leaving plenty of destruction in their wake.

They also left their images on surveillance video.

Around 1:30 Wednesday morning three people covered head to toe tried to pry open one of the doors at a restaurant on the 11000 block of Ridgeline Drive. When they can't jam-open the lock, surveillance shows the trio smash in the glass door with their feet and crawl inside. Then they're seen rummaging through the shop before finally going into a back room, where they steal a tablet.

A liquor store 10 minutes away on Powers Center Point was struck next. The crooks use a crowbar to break open the door, then jump behind the counter and try to yank out the register. Finding nothing in it, they discard the register and break into the owner's room. Surveillance shows them leave almost immediately after.

In an odd coincidence, the shops are owned by the same person. The owner told 11 News he's particularly unsurprised that the restaurant was broken into, as it's already been burglarized four times just since February -- but he does find it strange his liquor store 6 miles away was hit on the same morning.

A second liquor store on the 7000 block of Barnes Road wrapped up the spree at 2:20 a.m. Like the other burglaries, the crooks smashed their way in. 11 News has not obtained surveillance video of the rest of the crime.

Police believe the burglaries are all connected -- and could possibly be connected to at least one of three burglaries that occurred early Tuesday morning in the Chapel Hills and Briargate area.

Because their faces are concealed by bandanas and sunglasses, there's currently no suspect description.

The owner of the restaurant and liquor store on Powers Center Point says he's already spent thousands of dollars fixing all of the damage from the previous break-ins.

He expects to spend another couple grand.