CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Another attempted break-in at local business, owner frustrated

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - It's becoming all too familiar for Cari Goslyn: a sweatsuit-clad man trying to smash their way into her pet grooming shop.

Surveillance video from the Wednesday morning break-in attempt shows the suspect throwing a large brick at the door, running off, then returning and trying to kick the door in.

It's the third time since April her business has been targeted.

"It doesn't matter where you have your business -- you're just always just going to run the risk of someone who is going to try and take from you, unfortunately."

That was what a frustrated Goslyn told 11 News in April when two people in sweatsuits shattered her shop's front door with a crowbar and rummaged around, though they didn't take anything.

"I'm glad they're bad at what they did," Goslyn said then.

Since then, crooks have returned to Soggy Doggies Grooming on 5219 Galley Road twice more, with 3 a.m. Wednesday being the latest attempt. Goslyn is angry that someone would do this over and over. She believes it's the same people, and she wants them caught.

Goslyn tells 11 News there is nothing in her shop to steal, but getting new doors is becoming expensive.

If you have any information on the crime, call Colorado Springs police at 444-7000.