Call for Action Investigation: Business owner curses in response to negative review

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) -- Many of us leave online reviews. Imagine getting a nasty reply. One woman reached out to us shocked that a local business responded to her bad review by cursing. The owner tells 11 Call for Action, he wrote it himself.

Jamie Hendricks talks with KKTV's Katie Pelton about the response to her online review.

"I couldn't believe that anyone could tell someone something like that over a review," said Jamie Hendricks.

Hendricks had a disagreement with My Three Sons Moving Company, so she went online to write a negative review.

"I went to Facebook and I went to My Three Sons and I gave them a one star review. I simply explained what happened," said Hendricks.

She never expected the response she got.

"The owner responded back on Mother's Day with the comments that I needed to die and do the world a favor, and that I needed to 'f' off and he was worth millions of dollars so anything me or anyone else had to say didn't mean anything to him," said Hendricks.

"I saw this post and my jaw dropped," she added. "I had that hole in your stomach feeling, everything's heavy, like how could someone speak to me that way."

The owner of My Three Sons Moving Company agreed to sit down with 11 Call for Action Reporter Katie Pelton.

Katie Pelton: "Did you write that?"
"I did write it. I was upset. We had a big conversation before, that came up before we started talking online, and there was a lot of hated words said between both parties. Unfortunately, we’re human beings, we say things we don’t mean," said Robert Kloberdanz, the owner of My Three Sons Moving Company.

Pelton: "Do you think your reaction was appropriate?"
Kloberdanz: "No. It wasn't."

Pelton: "What would you say to her now?"
Kloberdanz: "I would tell her that it's unfortunate that we cannot do business together and sometimes things just don't go right and I apologize for what I said and I would like an apology, too, for the things she said."

"It's just an unfortunate event. Hopefully, it blows over and we can get past it," Kloberdanz added.

"I was appalled," said Hendricks. "I've never been spoken to that way, especially by a business owner."

As for Hendricks, she and her family are settling into their new home
and she says this experience won't stop her from sharing reviews online in the future.

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