Burglar goes through underwear drawer

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) A crime on camera -- and this one goes beyond a burglary.

A guy broke into a family's home, two days in a row. Then there's the creepy twist.

Greg told 11 News the burglar broke in the second night through his daughter's bedroom and then went through her underwear drawer.

He wants everyone to be on the lookout for this guy so he can't break into anyone else's home.

The first night, the burglar crawled in through a window at the family's Airport and Powers home.

"He popped that latch and then pried the window open," Greg showed 11 News.

That burglary attempt was quickly thwarted, however, when he immediately encountered the family's dog.

"I never expected he'd come back the next day," Greg said.

The following day, "he actually came in again through my daughter's bedroom window," Greg told 11 News.

He stole electronics, music instruments, and pretty much rifled through everything.

"You've never felt violated like that. Last Thursday and Friday, I took both days off, because I thought he was going to come back so I was kind of a prisoner to my house," Greg said.

Greg said he’s afraid this crook will strike again to other homes in the area and doesn't want his neighbors to be caught off guard.

"I'm worried that he's going to go through someone else's house and maybe some young lady living there or somebody else that older person that may not be able to deal with that situation," Greg told us.

He believes the crook also did something to their cat, which has now been at the vet since last week.

The Colorado Springs Police Department is looking into the burglaries.

If you think you know who the crook might be, call police right away.