Building company addresses flooding Colorado Springs neighborhood

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Classic Homes employees said they are "working on it" when it comes to the repeated flooding issues in a northeast Colorado Springs neighborhood.

Neighbors have dealt with two storms with severe flooding, the most recent one at the
start of September.

They say the home development going on up the road has changed the way the drainage in the neighborhood works and now pulls pounds of mud, rock, and anything else caught in the path of the flow of water down into their streets.

Most recently, the trail leading south out of the neighborhood was washed out when the flood broke over the top of the trail from the street, somewhere around 4 feet deep.

Classic Homes has come out both times and has even gone through the effort to replace front laws for neighbors with new sod, apparently free of charge. But neighbors are worried if nothing changes, they could be in for a third round of flooding.

CEO Doug Stimple told 11 News that there was "nothing to talk about," and that the historic rain was part of the problem, adding simply "we're working on it," before walking away from our reporter.

We will keep you posted on developments for the neighbors.