Boyfriend suspected of running over puppy in Colorado Springs on purpose

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) Animal Law Enforcement officers say they have been waiting a whole year for 12-week old puppy Shelby, and her owner to receive justice.

Arrest papers for John Smith show investigators believe in April of 2019, John Smith told his girlfriend he was out looking for her missing pitbull puppy. They believe he was actually running over the dog with his truck.

Video from a nearby Sportsman's Warehouse close to the Citadel Mall in Colorado Springs shows a driver letting a dog out of a truck, turning around to follow the dog, waiting for it to walk in front of the vehicle, then hit the gas.

The driver then puts the truck in reverse, driving over the puppy again.

The truck drives to the other side of the parking lot, and flips a U-turn, then slows down to aim at the puppy, now laying against a curb. The driver hits the dog again.

"It was pretty disturbing to us," Director of Animal Law Enforcement Jamie Norris told 11 News Reporter Spencer Wilson. "I think it was about 4 times, 4-5 times that he ran it over."

The puppy did not survive. Its owner came in the day after the video was given to Animal Law Enforcement, telling officers that she thought the dog was missing. Officers confirmed it was the same dog from the video, and showed the owner what happened. She told investigators she believed it was her boyfriend, John Smith's truck.

Officers worked with Colorado Springs Police for more than a year trying to track down Smith and confirm he was who they believed had killed the dog. Smith was finally arrested halfway through June and has since bonded out of jail.