1 of Colorado's most wanted caught; new documents spell out details of Randy Bishop arrest in Colorado Springs

Photo: Jesse Bishop left and Randy Bishop right (Courtesy El Paso County Sheriff's Office),...
Photo: Jesse Bishop left and Randy Bishop right (Courtesy El Paso County Sheriff's Office), background photo of Bishop's arrest on January 26, 2020 (Courtesy Albert Aguilar) (KKTV)
Published: Jan. 16, 2020 at 12:56 PM MST
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One of southern Colorado's most wanted fugitives is now behind bars after months on the run.

In new arrest papers obtained by 11 News on Tuesday, we've learned details on how Randy Bishop was on the run for so long. Court documents say Bishop's brother, Jessy, helped him hide out in a home in Colorado Springs for months. This was after Bishop allegedly shot at police officers at Memorial Central Hospital.

Other documents say about two weeks before Randy Bishop was arrested he tried to steal a car from someone near Palmer Park Boulevard and South Circle Boulevard. Arrest papers show he hit the guy in the face with a gun or a closed fist. Randy Bishop didn't take the car but did get away from police.

A few weeks after Randy was arrested in a different neighborhood after allegedly crashing a car into a home.

Randy, who allegedly shot his way out of capture twice, saw his luck finally run out in late January when a police chase ended with him cornered in a neighborhood. He had nowhere to run.

"Thought he could hide in my next-door neighbor's driveway, but [police] ended up pinning him in," said witness Mindy Davis, who watched the dramatic scene unfold in the southeast Springs neighborhood near Airport and Murray.

Davis and other neighbors tell 11 News officers flooded their street chasing after a blue Mercedes.

"I heard sirens going and then a loud crunch," Davis said. "...The crunch was the police officer slamming his car back into my neighbor's garage."

She peeked outside and saw police with their guns fixed on the Mercedes' driver.

"They were all around him. They completely had him surrounded."

Bishop has been a fixture on 11 News' weekly "Most Wanted" segment since July, but locating him became more urgent in November when the fugitive allegedly

managed to get his hands on a detective's gun, and fired at that officer. Then on Jan. 11,

this time hitting and wounding one of the officers.

Since the Jan. 11 police shooting, there have been multiple sighting of Bishop across Colorado Springs, resulting in several neighborhood lockdowns. Bishop managed to stay one step ahead of police each time -- until Sunday.

Bishop, 35, is facing a laundry list of charges, including attempted murder of a peace officer, robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and strangulation, kidnapping, felony menacing and child abuse.