Body cam shows Colorado politician trying to get out of DUI test

Published: Jul. 20, 2016 at 8:37 PM MDT
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"I think I'm safe to be driving," a Colorado politician can be heard on camera telling an officer.

From there, the officer's body cam footage shows state Rep. Dan Pabon trying to get out of a roadside DUI test.

Pabon of Denver was nearly twice the legal limit, but in the video released Wednesday, he told the officer he had just one beer. When asked how drunk he was on a scale of one to 10, Pabon said "one."

Pabon was pulled over for running a red light in Denver in March, but was asked to do a DUI test — and tried several times to get out of it.


"Can I tell you the honest truth?"




"I don't know if you saw my registration, but I'm in House District 4. I'm a state representative."


"OK, how come those plates aren't on this car?"


"They are on my wife's car."


"Are those plates for this car?"




"You know that's an arrestable offense, too."


"Yeah, I do."

While in office, Pabon worked to make stiffer penalties for impaired driving.

He did eventually give into a roadside test, where his blood alcohol level was found to be .14.

Pabon pleaded guilty to drunken driving on Tuesday. He was


After his arrest in March, Pabon made a formal apology on the House floor and remains a state representative.