Bikers claim dangerous traps set up on popular trail

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - An alleged booby trap set up on a popular trail has mountain bikers and hikers worried for their safety.

A post has been circulating on Facebook, stating someone put fishing wire across the trail and tied it to the trees.

On mountain biker claims a trap was set up at Captain Jack's Trail on Saturday, but it appears to have since been taken down. Another post claims the trap is at Sesame Canyon Trail. Both trails are near Gold Camp Road in Colorado Springs.

Dionne, an avid runner on the trail, said she's worried about the obvious dangers.

"It's very dangerous," Dionne said. "It's not nice because a lot of runners just get in the zone. We just get in the zone, we don't use headphones, we just get in the zone and it's just very dangerous for us and for bikers."

Just last August, hikers saw a similar case where barbed wire was found at Barr Trail.

"Last year, I saw a barbed wire, a very thin barbed wire at Barr Trail, but this year I heard it's at Captain Jack's."

The city of Colorado Springs confirmed they plan to send someone to check out the trail since they weren't aware of any reports about the traps. Colorado Springs police were also not aware of any reports.

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