Call for Action Alert: Beware of scams about new Medicare cards being issued

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DENVER (KKTV) -- New Medicare cards are being issued to consumers soon, but scammers are taking advantage of the situation and trying to trick you.

The attorney general's office has a warning tonight about new scams making the round, as new Medicare cards are being sent to consumers. Be on the lookout for scam calls, emails and text messages from crooks claiming to work for Medicare.

Scammers are calling threatening to cancel your health benefits, or saying you have to pay for a new card. If you get a call like this, just hang up the phone. Don't give out your social security number or any personal information. Keep in mind, Medicare will not call you to replace your card and there's no charge for the new ones.

Cards will be mailed out to Colorado residents sometime after June. The attorney general says some of you may not get your new card until late this year or early next year. Once you get your new card, shred your old one.

The purpose of the new cards are to help protect your identity. The new cards will no longer have your social security number listed. Instead, Medicare has assigned a unique number to each consumer.

Click here to learn more from the state of Colorado about the new Medicare cards.

If you are the victim of a Medicare card scam, click here to report it online.

If you need to contact the Social Security Administration, click here to be taken to the website.