Beware of potholes following late May snow

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - The late spring snowstorm may have moved on, but it's left its mark.

After all that snow, potholes are a huge concern now.

One major problem area along I-25 in Colorado Springs has already claimed several tires. A number of drivers including several 11 News employees fell victim to a pothole sitting between Garden of the Gods Road and Fillmore on I-25 in the southbound lanes. Colorado Springs police tweeted out about the pothole Tuesday night, stating crews would be out to assess the damage.

CDOT says they have fixed that same pothole four other times but it continues to cause problems.

Dozens of drivers called our newsroom to let us know of the damage their cars received. One driver says he was confused when he saw about ten drivers pulled over on the side of the highway. His question was answered when he hit the pothole that caused drivers to have to pull over and change their tires.

Another driver tells 11 News they hit the pothole so hard that it ended up sending a crack through their windshield.

CDOT says if you were a victim to the pothole, you can file a claim on the CDOT website or call their customer service department at 719-562-5568.

As of Wednesday morning, that area has been repaired, but it's far from the only stretch of roadway impacted by the weather.

CDOT said it had to do emergency pothole repairs Tuesday afternoon between Castle Rock and Monument.

Over the next couple of days, be aware while driving in case any more potholes pop up -- and be sure to report them. You can do so online by clicking here to report a pothole through the city of Colorado Springs. You will need to fill out a street maintenance request form. You can also call 719-385-ROAD or use the Go Colorado Springs app.

To report potholes on state roads, like the interstate, call CDOT at 719-562-5568.

When reporting, remember to be as descriptive as possible about where the pothole is, so know what road you're on, what direction you're going, and if there are any cross streets or mile markers to make it easier for crews to pinpoint where the pothole is.