Bear photobombs maternity shoot in Colorado Springs

An unexpected visitor dropped in on a maternity photo shoot in Colorado Springs!  Photo...
An unexpected visitor dropped in on a maternity photo shoot in Colorado Springs! Photo courtesy: Ana G. Gutierrez Photography and Georgia Williams. 6/24/20 (KKTV)
Published: Jun. 25, 2020 at 4:26 PM MDT
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Georgia Williams and her husband were commemorating their second son with a maternity photoshoot on Wednesday when an unexpected visitor dropped by. It was the perfect "mama bear" moment!

The couple was posing at Red Rock Canyon Open Space with photographer

behind the lens. The happily married couple who moved to Colorado about a year ago looked stunning and ready to welcome their second child into the world when Ana noticed something in the background. Georgia said Ana was completely calm as she pointed out a bear creeping in the distance.

"The photographer didn't think it was a big deal," Georgia said over the phone to 11 News.

Within minutes of posting the story, some viewers called the photo into question, claiming it could be photoshopped. Georgia provided us with multiple photos and even video of the encounter.

Georgia and her husband, a retired Fort Carson soldier, had never seen a bear before. She's originally from Florida and her husband is from Mississippi. They were both shocked to see the animal strolling through the area in a casual manner. Getting right in the background of their picture, for the perfect "Colorado snapshot!"

"I think it's a once-in-a-lifetime picture," Georgia exclaimed.

Ana, a seasoned photographer, snapped the perfect pic from a safe distance. But soon after, the bear started moving in a bit closer.

"He made his way down and the photographer was like, 'just keep posing,'" Georgia added. "He started getting closer and closer and that's when we knew we had to move away fast."

The bear never got too close and Georgia had a memory that would last a lifetime.

For many living in Colorado, the sight of a bear is nothing new. For these parents of a 2-year-old and soon-to-be newborn, it was the most Colorado moment they could have asked for!