Bear cub crushed by falling dumpster

Photo: Colorado Parks and Wildlife
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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (KKTV) – A tragedy in Jefferson County is a reminder why people must always ensure their trash is kept away from their bear neighbors.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife says a bear cub was crushed by a dumpster after it tipped over Monday morning. Based on the trash bags that spilled out when it fell, the dumpster was clearly not secured.

"Not only is human trash a major attractant that leads to the habituation of bears and increases human-bear conflicts, it is also deadly to our bears in many ways," CPW said in a tweet Monday.

Once bears learn that trash cans and dumpsters are an easy way to grab food, they'll continue to come back to that source. The dumpster Monday morning proved too tempting for the young bear to resist, and it paid with its life.

"This is highly unusual, but it does go to show one of the many aspects of trouble when it comes to bears and human trash. Dumpsters should always be secured so a bear can't get inside and placed on solid, flat ground where it does not present a danger to people or wildlife," CPW said.

Parks and Wildlife did not say where in the county the incident occurred.

WARNING: graphic photos below