CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Crooks use excavator to get into ATM

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Desperate would-be bank robbers poached an excavator from a nearby construction site, drove it through a shopping center, and used it to pry open an ATM and rip it apart.

After all that -- police say the crooks still left empty-handed.

An employee at a neighboring shop saw the disarray at the US Bank on Garden of the Gods Road early Wednesday morning and called police.

The surveillance video shows the slow approach to the machine as the criminals use the stolen mini excavator to attack the ATM.

They hack away at it for about three and a half minutes.

Travis Lamb woke up to a phone call from police, letting him know what happened.

"I thought they were joking with me at first, I didn't believe it," Lamb said.

He works for the company the excavator was stolen from.

Lamb said whoever's responsible knew what they were doing because they clearly knew how to operate the machine.

"You gotta know how to change the pattern of the joysticks on the machine to run it, and they obviously knew where that was and how to do it."

But the heavy equipment was no match for the ATM.

"All for nothing," Lamb said with a laugh.

At this time, there is no suspect information. The camera inside the ATM was damaged during the break-in attempt. Police are trying to get video from US Bank's corporate office.