Ballot Question 200: Pueblo retail pot shops will remain open

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PUEBLO COUNTY, Colo. (KKTV) - Voters in one Southern Colorado community have decided against shutting down recreational marijuana shops.

Ahead of election night, voters in Pueblo County had a lot of mixed emotions surrounding the issue.

"Those are your children they are targeting just like the tobacco industry and that's not cool," said Aubree Adams, who told 11 News her son became addicted to marijuana in the eighth grade.

Adams says by the time he was a freshman, and by the time she found out something bad was happening, he admitted to smoking dabs and attempted suicide.

"He said, 'Mom, it's natural, it's normal, everybody is doing it, Mom.' He said, 'It's actually medicine, Mom,' and I said, 'Not for you,'" Adams said,

She says she voted "yes" on Question 200.

Adams wants to put a stop to the sale of recreational marijuana in Pueblo County.

"We cultivate retail and medical cannabis in here. We have about 20 strains everything from high in THC to high in CBD," said Ryan Griego, co-owner of Cannasseur.

Griego says he voted no on Question 200.

If the issue had passed, he says he will have/would have had to lay off 70 percent of his staff and convert his operation to medical marijuana only.

"We are one of the biggest license holders in Pueblo County," Griego said.

Griego says tax money and jobs generated from retail marijuana are too valuable to lose.

"It's the biggest boom since the steel mill back in the 50s and 60s," he told 11 News.

"They could line the streets with gold with tax money generated from marijuana and it wouldn't be worth my son's life or any youth's life for that matter," Adams said.

With votes still trickling in, the measure currently stands at 56 percent no votes, 44 percent yes.