Newborn brought to Cañon City fire station under Colorado Safe Haven Law

Under the Colorado Safe Haven Law, parents can surrender their newborn to a fire station or hospital without penalty. The child must be 72 hours or younger.
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CAÑON CITY, Colo. (KKTV) - A newborn is in good health and doing well after being dropped off at a fire station in Fremont County Tuesday.

A teenager brought the infant to Cañon City Fire Station 1 just after 8:30 Tuesday morning, claiming he found the baby boy.

"We had a young man come in Fire Station 1 here in Cañon City, and he was carrying a basket that actually had a newborn male child in it. As he approached our firefighters, he told them that he found this child on his doorstep," said Lt. Shane Roberts with the Cañon City Fire Department.

The infant was immediately transported to St. Thomas More Hospital for a checkup and was found to be 1-day-old and perfectly healthy.

Cañon City police later confirmed the teen was actually the child's father. Police say the mother gave birth at home. The mother's age has not been released; the father is reportedly 18 years old.

The baby is now in the custody of the Fremont County Department of Human Services.

Under the Colorado Safe Haven Law, parents are allowed to leave newborns no older than 3 days old at a hospital or fire station without penalty. The law was passed in 2000 and is intended to give parents in crisis a safe place to leave their unwanted child.

"It allows people if they have some kind of problem in their life, if it's an unwanted pregnancy, if there's any kind of trouble wherever, they can make sure that child is protected instead of doing something unthinkable with the child," Roberts said.

Parents will not face charges if they surrender their newborn under the parameters of the Safe Haven Law. Once it was clarified Tuesday that there was no abandonment on a porch or elsewhere, that the person who brought the baby to the fire station was indeed a parent, police stated that there was no wrongdoing in the case.

"Detectives with the Cañon City Police Department have determined there is no criminal activity in this situation. The reports of the infant being abandoned on a doorstep or a vacant home are not true," the police department said in a statement Tuesday evening.