911 tapes shed more light into fatal Stetson Hills shooting

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - One person is dead and a second injured after a shooter targeted them late Monday afternoon. Two people were arrested the following day.

Matthew Houston, 27. Photo: CSPD.

William Prine, 23, was arrested for first-degree murder. Matthew Houston, 27, was arrested for complicity to murder in the first degree, or in other words his alleged involvement with the death. Both are residents of Colorado Springs.

The man that died has been identified as Manuel L. Vigil, marking the sixth homicide of 2017 in Colorado Springs.

Police aren't releasing the details about what led up to the shooting, but 911 calls indicate the accused shooter was aiming his gun at people who were trying to damage his car.

RP [reporting party] says he shot from second story window towards someone who was trying to damage the RP's car. I guess the RP is saying they're the only ones who shot."-Dispatch tape

Police got a 911 call just before 5 p.m. that multiple shots had been fired in the 6300 block of La Plata Peak Drive.

The victims were nowhere to be found when officers arrived on scene, but numerous neighbors told them they heard the gunshots.

Police soon learned the victims had been driving when they were hit. Their truck was found a short time later in the 6100 block of Barnes Road. Two men were inside the vehicle.

"When officers arrived at that scene, they found one deceased male inside the car. Another male was transported to a local hospital where he's currently in surgery," said CSPD Lt. Howard Black.

Police said both victims appeared to have been shot once apiece.

We talked to neighbors who heard the gunfire.

"I was upstairs watching TV and I heard three loud booms, so I figured it was three gunshots possibly ... then I asked my kids if they were OK downstairs and they said, 'Yeah we're fine,'" Kelly Hasker said.

“I just heard a couple of shots," Ethan Springer told 11 News. "I heard like four-ish shots I think. A few consecutive shots and then one afterwards and then I heard a car speed by and then I heard sirens."

"It really unnerved you," Elton Fletchall added. "It's been so quiet here."

The 911 call from the alleged shooter indicates he was inside the house shooting at someone outside the house. An attorney broke down to 11 News why, even if the accused gunman's claims that his property was threatened were true, the shooting would not fall under the Make My Day law.

"There is the requirement that the suspect enter the premises in order for Make My Day to apply, and then there has to be the reasonable belief that the occupants of the premises are in great danger," said attorney Dave Webster.

The shooting remains under investigation.