'Safety concern' at DIA resolved and caused by a vape pen

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DENVER (KKTV) - The Denver International Airport sent out an alert Friday afternoon about a "safety concern."

The concern ended up being over a vape pen.

The airport tweeted the following information just before 2 p.m.
We are investigating a safety concern at the north security checkpoint. The north checkpoint on level 5 has been evacuated. The train to the gates was temporarily stopped but has resumed. Passengers in the terminal are not in danger but should stay away from the north checkpoint. Security screening is continuing at the south screening checkpoint and at the A-Bridge checkpoint. There is no danger to passengers, but please stay away from the north checkpoint while we continue to investigate.

The incident did cause delays at security checkpoints. The north checkpoint reopened at about 2:30 p.m.

The airport also had a security concern on Wednesday that only lasted a matter of minutes.

On DIA’s website, the North Security and TSA PreCheck lanes were listed as “closed” for about a half hour.