Boil order lifted for Midway residents

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FOUNTAIN, Colo. (KKTV) - UPDATE (8/21): The boil order was officially lifted early Tuesday afternoon following testing conducted Monday.

The testing was submitted to the state health department, who then gave the final OK for the boil order to be lifted.

Effective immediately, Wigwam Water customers can use their water as normal.

PREVIOUS (8/18): A boil order has been issued for water customers living in the Midway area, south of Fountain.

An official with Wigman Mutual Water company made the announcement Saturday morning. He says Friday's storms caused a leak somewhere in the water delivery system.

Workers are trying to locate the leak now, but until it is found and fixed, a boil order is in place. All water that is going to be consumed, cooked, or bathed in should be boiled. They are also asking customers to please conserve water as much as possible until the leak is fixed.

The boil order affects roughly 400 homes in the Midway area. There are currently around 200 homes without water because of the leak. There is no estimate for when the problem will be fixed.

The state has been notified of the problem. Customers should boil their water until the company says it's okay to stop.

The Hanover fire chief has reached out to 11 News to offer assistance to anyone needing help while the water is cut off:

" For residents that have been impacted by water outage from Wigwam Water line break, Hanover Fire Department will assist in:

- Water for animals, Hanover FD will haul water to fill livestock tanks. Call Chief Tatum at 719-492-2729 to set up a delivery.

- Showers at Hanover Station 2 are open until 2 p.m. For showers, please call station 2 at 719-382-1900.

If there are any other needs due to no water that we are missing please give Chief Tatum a call and we will see what we can do."