WATCH: Dramatic body camera footage released in Colorado Spring shooting

Published: Jul. 31, 2017 at 9:14 PM MDT
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Hundreds of people were forced to shelter in place as shots rang out at an east Springs apartment complex July 31, 2017. Body camera footage of the incident was released by police on Friday.

WARNING: Some may find the videos below disturbing.

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By the end of the ordeal, two people were injured and two, including the presumed gunman, were dead. Later that week, police identified the suspected gunman as 38-year-old Madrios Ah Chang. Police believe Chang shot and killed 43-year-old Amanda Patti before turning the gun on himself.

Chang was a registered sex offender for first-degree sexual assault.

Police and several tactical units were embroiled in an hours-long standoff as they tried to bring a peaceful conclusion to the situation.

Springs police responded to the Kinsgsborough townhomes on 3817 Village Road South around 9 p.m. back in July for the shooting.

As first responders treated the victims, gunshots were fired in their direction from the second floor of a nearby townhouse. The complex immediately went on lockdown as SWAT and other law enforcement from across the region descended on the scene.

"This happened so quickly and so many shots were fired at first responders that it really was a shelter in place," said CSPD spokesperson Lt. Howard Black.

"I was sitting in my living room about 9 o'clock and saw PD go by my house at a high rate of speed. That got my attention. Grabbed my scanner, and that's when I heard additional shots. ... Watched a dozen cops go by," said witness Jason Teeters, who lives just 100 meters away from where the shooting happened.

A resident at the townhomes told 11 News he was trying to get home after the lockdown went in place and couldn't.

"I was driving home and saw it was cordoned. I went this way, that way, each way I tried to come in," said Curtis, who did not give his last name.

Once the scene was secured, first responders were able to ferry the victims safely to the hospital. As of Thursday, the two victims were recovering and were in stable condition according to police.

It wasn't until the wee hours of Tuesday morning that a tactical unit finally got into the townhome where the gunman, Chang, was believed to be holed up.

"What we did find inside the residence is one female deceased and one male deceased," said Black, who told 11 News the deceased male is believed to be the shooter who started the whole episode.

There were no more suspects involved.

Patti's death marked the 18th homicide investigated by the Colorado Springs Police Department in 2017.

Black said no officer ever had to fire their weapon, and no law enforcement, firefighters or AMR personnel were injured.

"We are very appreciative," he said of everyone who helped in the shootings and aftermath.

Months later, on December 29, officers released body camera footage from the incident. The videos may be difficult to watch for some.