Author of newsletter calling for veteran ban on universities tells 11 News it was all a hoax

Published: Aug. 31, 2017 at 1:25 PM MDT
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A controversial newsletter calling for veterans to be banned from four-year universities is a hoax, its creator told 11 News Thursday.

The newsletter, titled "Social Justice Collective Weekly," was tacked to a bulletin board at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs last week. It likened military culture to white supremacist groups and called on UCCS and other universities to disallow service members from attending.

The viewpoint caused a furor at the school, and Wednesday UCCS leaders held a panel where they reassured students that the contents of the newsletter were not reflective of the university's values. The school said the newsletter was posted to the bulletin board because anyone is allowed to put things there.

The man behind the newsletter said the reaction was exactly what he anticipated. He claimed it was a way to test both the right and left winf -- and that both sides failed.

"This has been a hoax the entire time," he told reporter Jessica Leicht. "The reason we did the newsletter to begin with started with the idea of making a parody of the left and to show people they're not too far off the parody, they've become the parody."

He argued the newsletter succeeded in proving that point because a handful of people reached out and told him they supported the "newsletter's" anti-veteran position.

As for the right, he claimed too many of the same people criticizing the left wing for not caring about free speech called for the authors of the newsletter to be silenced, making them hypocrites.

He praised the university for sticking by its policy of free speech on campus.

The author says he and a co-creator are both veterans.