Attempted homicide suspect allegedly breaks into Banning Lewis Ranch home to escape police

 Suspect Branden Crum (Photo: CSPD)
Suspect Branden Crum (Photo: CSPD) (KKTV)
Published: Feb. 6, 2020 at 10:18 AM MST
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An "armed and dangerous" attempted homicide suspect is off the streets after police say they cornered him in a home in Banning Lewis Ranch Wednesday afternoon.

Police first saw the suspect by the Citadel Mall at 1 p.m. SWAT and K-9 officers were called to the area.

"The suspect entered a vehicle on the west side of the building and tactical officers attempted to stop him with the use of block vehicles and a sight and sound diversionary device," CSPD spokesperson Lt. James Sokolik wrote on the police blotter.

But the suspect was allegedly able to move a parked car out of the way using his vehicle to give himself enough room to flee. Because of how reckless he was driving, police say they opted not to chase after for safety reasons.

A short time later, patrol officers saw the suspect vehicle in the area of Dublin and Tutt and followed the suspect.

"The suspect drove around the area in circles and tactical units attempted to disable his vehicle by hitting it as it slowed to make a turn. Tactical officers struck the suspect vehicle with their vehicle taking out the front driver side wheel. The suspect was able to continue to flee in the partially-disabled vehicle," Sokolik wrote.

After briefly chasing the suspect, police again stopped the pursuit for the safety of other drivers. But the suspect left a trail of tire marks in his wake, making it easy for officers to figure out where he went. After tracking the tire marks to Cottonwood Tree Drive in Banning Lewis Ranch, officers say they saw the suspect hop a fence into a backyard. Police followed and saw him climb through a window into a home on Buckeye Tree Lane. Officers followed him inside "to protect the homeowner," Sokolik wrote.

The suspect reportedly tried to escape the basement carrying a gun -- but as soon as he was met by officers, he dropped his gun and allowed himself to be taken into custody.

The suspect was taken to Memorial Hospital for treatment of injuries suffered while allegedly breaking the window to get into the house. No officers and no one living in the house was hurt.

Along with attempted homicide and parole violation, the suspect now faces charges for possession of weapons by previous offender, felony eluding and first-degree criminal trespass for his misadventures Wednesday afternoon.

Police identified the suspect Thursday as 22-year-old Branden Crum. Crum has been a fixture on 11 News' "Monday's Most Wanted" list off and on since early last year, including most recently this previous Monday.

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