At least 4,000 jobs coming to the city for the 2020 Census

Published: Oct. 25, 2019 at 6:04 PM MDT
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Thousands of new jobs are coming to El Paso and Teller counties. The city announced the opening of the new census office Friday, for the April 2020 Census.

Mayor Suthers said over the last year the city clerk has put together a complete census count committee. He said the purpose of the committee is for community outreach to maximize public information about the census and the level of participation in it.

The mayor spoke about how important the census is. He said one of the very important reasons is to base our federal representation. The census would determine the allocation of congressional seats.

The census happens every 10 years. The purpose is to count every living person in the country for population growth. It also aids in federal funding for states and congressional seats.

The mayor said he believes with the growth of the city, we could reach close to 500,000 in population. Considering that and other cities in the state, it could be enough to add an 8th congressional seat for Colorado.

Mayor Suthers said there are 880 billion dollars of annual funding distributed based on census counts. So, the bigger the city the more funding from the government.

The Colorado Springs office is already open. It's near Academy and Hancock on the southeast side of the city.

There will be an announcement about when job fair will take place for people to work at the office.

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