Arrests made in possible porch pirate ring

Porch pirate suspect

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Four arrests have been made in connection with possible porch pirate ring, while a fifth suspect remains at large.

Springs police officers targeted a porch pirate crime pattern after several neighborhoods were swindled by package thieves. Police used home security footage through apps such as Ring and Nextdoor to track down five people in just two days. Police weren't able to confirm the crimes were all tied together, but that possibility is being investigated.

"The success of this investigation is largely due to the amount of quality security video provided by victims and community members," Lt. Howard Black wrote in a release to the public.

The suspected criminals arrested are facing theft charges. Benjamin Boomsliter, John Mullins, Nicholas Rivers, and Maranda Turner were all arrested. Michael Barner, 57, is still wanted.