Arrest papers tell two different stories of what lead up to fatal Pueblo shooting

 Police are investigating a shooting that killed a 17-year-old boy in Pueblo.
Police are investigating a shooting that killed a 17-year-old boy in Pueblo. (KKTV)
Published: Nov. 19, 2018 at 6:32 PM MST
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Arrest papers for a shooting suspect have witnesses telling two different stories about just what happened at Runyon Lake in Pueblo, right before one teenager shot another one. The 17 year old suspect was in court on Monday. He's facing second degree murder charges for shooting and killing Elijah Naranjo. This happened back in late October.

According to the arrest papers, they said that the shooting all started because the suspect was at Runyon Lake with the victim's girlfriend. The paper’s said they were hanging out and smoking marijuana. The girlfriend was pregnant with Naranjo’s child at the time.

The victim ended up going down there after a friend called him and told him where his girlfriend was. He was driven to the lake by a friend and when he arrived, he saw his girlfriend’s car leaving. He got out of the car and started hitting the window of her car to get her attention and talk to her, but she drove off.

The arrest papers have two different stories of what happened next. The shooter’s story describes a situation where he was protecting himself and had to use self-defense.

First, the papers talk about the interview police had with the suspect the night of the shooting. In the documents, they say he told police that he was trying to leave the lake in his car and two other cars drove up and trapped him in, and then the people got out and surrounded his car. He told police that he had a pistol and, “The streets are hard, I did cock the pistol. I was scared, he ran up to the car and he had a knife or pulled something out of his pocket that looked like a knife.” After this, an argument started and the suspect said the victim swung the knife at him and that’s when he shot him twice. A knife was not recovered at the scene or in a later search inside the suspect’s vehicle.

The suspect then said he drove off, threw the gun into the river and tried to get rid of other evidence. He told police that he went home, dropped his stuff including the clothing he was wearing during the shooting and ammunition from the handgun into a trash can at his house. Pueblo police later recovered the clothing from the trash can after getting a search warrant.

The papers go on to say that police interviewed more people that were at the scene the night of the shooting. They all told police similar stories to each other. Their stories say that the shooter wasn't trapped in and no one surrounded his car. They also said that the victim was never holding a knife. Their stories all were saying that the shooting wasn’t necessary and the shooter could’ve left if he really wanted to. After the shooting, witnesses told police Naranjo got back in the car that drove him to Runyon Lake. The driver took off to get the victim to the hospital, where he later died because of a gunshot wound to the chest.

It's still undecided if the shooter will be tried as an adult or not. He's being held at the Pueblo Youth services center on no bond. He will be back in court on November 29th for a bond hearing.