Armed fugitive arrested in Pueblo, facing assault charges


PUEBLO, Colo. (KKTV) - On Thursday night, police in Pueblo said a disturbance call took them straight to a man who had several felony warrants out for his arrest.

Officers responded to a "south side residence" around 11 p.m. after reports came in about someone possibly having a weapon.

When they arrived, police said they found Richard Jaramillo who was a former Safe Streets fugitive. The suspect was in a driveway and police reported that he was armed with a "hunting-type knife."

Investigators believe that Jaramillo showed up there to "confront his ex and the man she was with." The suspect reportedly assaulted both of them.

Police arrested Jaramillo and charged him with two counts of assault. Officers said the suspect also had two felony warrants, a misdemeanor warrant, and had violated restraining orders.