WATCH: Anti-Trump protest in downtown Colorado Springs

Published: Nov. 9, 2016 at 1:06 PM MST
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"The midterms start right now," a protester told 11 News as a large crowd marched in downtown Springs, protesting Donald Trump's rise to the presidency.

Teddy Adams, a sophomore at Colorado College, said his fellow students pulled the protest together in about an hour. Students from UCCS and Palmer High School joined in.

"The sign I brought said '2018 starts now,' which I didn't think I had to say until someone on Facebook said, 'There's no 2018, it's 2020,'" Adams said, voicing his hope that opponents could begin mobilizing against the stronghold Republicans now have in the legislative and executive branches after Tuesday night.

Other signs called for making "America love again" and stated that "Hate will not prevail."

"We didn't have a say in the election, so we're having a say now!" one student yelled through a megaphone to the crowd.

Adams said the protest was intended to be peaceful.

"We are exercising our right to civil disobedience to protest the Trump presidency and underlying social and political climate that got Trump elected," he told 11 News.

"We just hope that our protest and similar protests across the country can sway some actual policy as they see how the public feels. ... We're just hoping that we continue the discussion and that people realize that just because Trump is president, their voices can still be heard," he said of the protest's goals.

Opponents argued on 11 News' Facebook page that though the students had the right to protest, by doing so they were continuing to divide the country.

"It's not helpful," Teresa wrote.

But some Trump supporters said that even if they disagreed with the students, they respected their right to protest.

"Glad they are exercising their rights to peaceful protest. Don't agree with them, but they have the right," Jennifer said.

The Springs protesters join hundreds of protesters, mostly students, in the Denver and Boulder areas.

Protesters gather at Acacia Park to talk about what they call "injustices and opposition to underlying social political issues".

Posted by KKTV 11 News on Wednesday, November 9, 2016