Cancer survivor from Colorado becomes first to swim English Channel 4 times without stopping

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LONDON (AP/CBS) - U.S. endurance swimmer Sarah Thomas became the first person to swim across the English Channel four times without stopping on Tuesday, refueling only on a liquid formula during her 54-hour feat.

Courtesy: Channel Swimming Academy via Newspath

Thomas, of Colorado, performed her record-breaking swim a year after receiving treatment for breast cancer, and dedicated her achievement to fellow cancer survivors. The 37-year-old completed treatment for breast cancer last year.

She came ashore on a beach near Dover, on the south coast of England, exhausted and with a sore throat from all the salt water.

"I was throwing up, I was sick," she said, huddled in a towel.

She was cheered by a small crowd as she arrived in Dover and given champagne and chocolate to celebrate.

In theory, the route that Thomas swam should have been 80 miles long, but due to strong currents in the Channel, she ended up swimming 130 miles. She said she saw lots of fish and jellyfish along the way.

Previously, four swimmers had crossed the water between England and France three times without stopping.

Thomas thanked her husband and supporters for urging her to continue.

She has dedicated the swim to "all the survivors out there."