Airmen save family from house fire and help fight the blaze

Generic stock photo. Ada Be / Flickr / CC BY 2.0/MGN.
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DIX, Neb. (KKTV) - Two airmen are being credited with evacuating a family during a house fire in Nebraska.

According to the Kimball County Sheriff's Office, the blaze started on Thursday at about 9:30 at night. The sheriff's office then shared a synopsis from the responder's commander report.

The synopsis details how the airmen were conducting Flight Area Familiarization and Patrol near Dix, Nebraska. They noticed the house fire and immediately made contact with a neighbor who called 911.

The airmen learned a family of four with two pets were still in the house, while it was on fire. They notified the unaware family and they were able to safely evacuate.

"When one fire volunteer arrived on scene, the team aided in extinguishing the fire by controlling the fire hydrant as the fire volunteer controlled the hose," the synopsis reads. "Upon arrival of more fire department personnel, the team then stood by and comforted the family; the team gave $40 to the homeowner to compensate for his loss and wanting to help out. Upon arrival of more first responders and once the scene was deemed safe, the team departed the area and returned back to their Missile Alert Facility."

The airmen were not publicly identified.

"Hats off to our great Air Force Airmen here in Kimball County," the sheriff's office wrote on Facebook. "Besides protecting our freedom and the nuclear weapons in the county they help keep us safe. These two unsung heroes need to be recognized."