Local seniors share advice for younger generations

Published: May. 20, 2020 at 10:13 AM MDT
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This may be helpful for seniors graduating high school or college -- or really anyone who needs a little inspiration while stuck in quarantine.

The Bridge At Colorado Springs, an assisted living community, helped us out with this one and sent us videos from five residents who were asked, "What advice do you have for younger generations?"

Here's what they said.

Hazel K: "I want to tell you you've got your life before you. You're all very young, but you can make it. Just determine that you're going to make something of yourself. You are a gift to us, so keep up your courage, and you will do fine."

Billy D: "The information I would pass on to both old and young alike is trust in the Lord. He will guide your path. And also, no matter what the world puts on you, stay positive, keep improving yourself, learning as you go. And again trust the Lord, He will look after you."

Lesley S: "Always be curious and never stop learning about yourself. Be the best you can be."

Elaine F: "Listen to your parents and your teachers because they only have your best interest at heart. Don't do drugs. Do graduate. Remember, life is short, so enjoy it. Smile a little, laugh a lot. When you get a job, do the very best you can, don't just show up for a paycheck. Enjoy life, it's short. Be a contributing person to society. Remember, this is your country. We've done the best we could. Now it's your turn."

Brady G: "When you are a young age, don't let that get away from you. You start thinking for yourself. You can be anything you want to be if you apply yourself to the proper subjects and through guidance and assistance. Go out there and tell the world -- I got my education on my own, nobody coached me, I had to figure that out and get with it, and I did it and I'm proud of it."

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