Added security cameras aim to prevent vandals from hitting a Colorado Springs park

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Vandals were at work at a popular park before construction to build it was even finished. Since the vandals hit the park, the City of Colorado Springs says they've kept at it causing thousands of dollars in damage.
Now the city is trying to put a stop to the senseless destruction.

The criminals targeted John Venezia Community Park on the north side of the city near N. Union Boulevard and Briargate Parkway. Now more than a dozen surveillance cameras are being installed. The city hopes the new cameras will send a message that someone is watching.

"When they built this one, we were like yes they did something," Stefania Hoffman told 11 News about the park. "This was a huge field, there was nothing. So finally we have something. It's nice and clean, it's just been a nice place to come."

When the sun goes down, it's a different story. The parks director estimates there's been more than $80,000 dollars in damage at the park done by vandals. They hope the new surveillance cameras will make a difference. Parents hope so too.

"I love it, because it makes me feel more secure," one parkgoer said referencing the cameras. "It takes a fraction of a second and something can happen. If you have the help of cameras, it's easier to find who did what."

The city spent $13 million dollars to build the park. The cameras are being paid for by developers, not taxpayers.