Teen accused school of ignoring sexual assault; now he’s not allowed at graduation

Teen accused school of ignoring sexual assault; now he’s not allowed at graduation

VANCOUVER, Wash. (KATU/CNN) - A Washington state student accused his high school of turning a blind eye to sexual assault and bullying.

In return, his school said he is no longer allowed to take part in his graduation ceremony Saturday.

Charles Chandler had gotten a poem approved by Heritage High School officials, but went off script during a school program.

"A school where the administration closes their eyes to everything that happens at the school, their school, the sexual assault, the bullying, the depression, the outcasts, and they do nothing to fix it," Chandler said.

That's the reason he won't be walking at graduation Saturday.

"I felt sorry for the underclassmen and how they had to be at the school where the administration basically closes their eyes to the problems that happen in the school," Chandler said.

A spokesperson for Evergreen Public Schools said Chandler referenced a story he heard second-hand and said his comments were full of inaccuracies, inflammatory statements and hurtful accusations.

They said they told him spreading rumors and inaccurate information was extremely problematic.

Even so, Chandler said he's gotten a lot of support from friends who believe he's right.

"I tried getting help and there wasn't really much help given," said Ethan Wheeler, Chandler’s friend.

Shane Chandler, Charles' father, said he’s really disappointed he's not going to get to walk, but proud that he's taking a stand.

Chandler said if he can't walk, he will watch the graduation ceremony from home.

Students are organizing a walkout Friday in support of the teen.

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