Public invited to ceremony Tuesday honoring fallen Deputy Micah Flick

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office is inviting the public to an event honoring the life and service of fallen Deputy Micah Flick.

The event is scheduled to start on Feb. 5 at 9 a.m. at the Sheriff's Office, 27 E. Vermijo Ave. At that time a car will be placed in front of the Sheriff's Office and the Honor Guard will do a wreath placement before the sheriff speaks.

Following the first scheduled event, at about 10 a.m. outside the Criminal Justice Center the Honor Guard will place a wreath. The Criminal Justice Center is at 2739 E. Las Vegas Street.

Deputy Flick was shot and killed in the line of duty on Feb. 5, 2018.

UPDATE 9/11/18:
The El Paso County Sheriff's Office released all of the agency's reports on the deadly shooting that claimed the life of Detective Micah Flick.

Click here to view the reports.

UPDATE 9/7/18:
Days after police released a 900 page report on the deadly shooting that claimed the life of Deputy Micah Flick, the sheriff's office released part of a different report from their office on the Feb. 5 shooting.

Click here to read the report.

The report released to the public includes interviews conducted by the sheriff's office. The remainder of the report is expected to be released early next week.

Hundreds of pages of documents are giving new insight into the moments that led up to and followed the deadly shooting that killed an El Paso County Deputy.

When the District Attorney's Office released their investigation into the shooting, it gave a detailed picture of what happened during the shootout between officers and the suspect at the Murray Hill Apartments.

A newly released report that includes 906 pages of interviews, lab reports, police reports and hand written accounts from paramedics is now public.

It explains how a group of officers, deputies and State Patrol troopers were working together on a stolen car case they had been tracking all day.

They eventually found the car parked at the Murray Hill Apartments.

During an interview, Sgt. Jake Abendschan, who was injured in the shooting, said "it is not their normal tactic to contact a suspect still in the vehicle as it puts officers and citizens at risk."

In a parking lot several officers got into place and started to confront the suspect.

One deputy was about a car length away and recalled during an interview, "She said that she saw the ... suspect reaching toward his waistband, she was thinking in her head surely that the suspect was not going to be pulling a gun."

According to Abendschan, Deputy Micah Flick was confronting the suspect when he heard a gun shot. While being interviewed, Abendschan said he ran towards them and "observed the male suspect in a seated position on the ground and that Detective Flick was physically fighting with the suspect on the ground."

Another detective on scene recounted his experience confronting the suspect, Deputy Flick and Deputy Scott Stone who were all in a scuffle.

"When I walked up on [the suspect] all I could see was his eyes which I will never forget. And the gun coming up at me. And that's when I fired," said the detective.

In the emotional interview, the detective spoke about just how quickly everything happened saying, "it was like everybody, everybody dropped at the same time."

Deputy Flick was killed in the shooting. A Colorado Springs Police Officer was shot in the groin, Deputy Stone was shot in the hip, Sgt. Abendschan was injured by gunshot projectile. An innocent bystander, Thomas Villanueva, was shot and paralyzed.

One deputy on scene at the time of the shooting was the first to interact with Villanueva. She told an interviewer that he was saying he couldn't move his legs and "her first thought was not to move this white male so that she did not further injure him if he was paralyzed."

The suspect was killed in the shooting. Police said during their investigation they discovered the suspect was a known member of the South Side Soldados gang. While using a GPS device to track the stolen car that afternoon, investigators were able to get pictures of him with the stolen car before the confrontation in the apartment parking lot.

The District Attorney's Office determined that the officers were justified in shooting and killing the suspect.

"We believe that Mr. Zatina (the suspect) fired, shot everybody before a single officer returned fire. Keep in mind this happens in a matter of seconds. This is very quick once it starts," said District Attorney Dan May.