8,000 gallons of fuel spill into creek in Colorado Springs, killing fish

Published: Aug. 27, 2016 at 6:53 AM MDT
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A tanker truck crash in Colorado Springs has spilled thousands of gallons of gasoline into a creek, killing a slew of fish.

The Gazette reports the truck hit a parked vehicle in the southern part of the city and rolled onto its side Friday morning, spilling about 8,000 gallons of fuel into Fountain Creek.

Kyle Davidson, a spokesman for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, says cleanup crews were pulling dead fish out of the creek "by the bucket."

The agency expects to know exactly how many fish were killed and which species were most affected in a few days. The creek is home to numerous fish, including longnose dace, white suckers and fathead minnows.

The Environmental Protection Agency is using vacuum trucks to suck up the gasoline.

Police believe speed played a role in the crash.