7 displaced after part of apartment building collapses

Published: Aug. 15, 2016 at 6:19 AM MDT
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Seven people were forced out of their homes late Sunday night after part of their apartment building collapsed.

"They told me that the collapse happened [and] the fire department was able to go in and get my belongings for tonight, possibly a couple of days if need be," Teresa Chadwick said, cradling her dog.

"I broke into tears. I was quite upset, I was freaking out."

Caution tape surrounds the part of the Lincoln Springs Apartments where Chadwick and the other displaced residents usually call home. Chadwick said she's still unclear what exactly happened.

"I was at my mother's [when] I got the phone call from maintenance explaining there had been some collapsing done to the bottom level where my apartment's at," she told 11 News. "[Officials] haven't really disclosed anything."

The collapse affected three units at the complex, which is located in the area of Chelton Road and Fountain Boulevard. Red Cross is assisting the ousted residents, putting them up in a hotel and providing resources to help get them through the next few days.

There is still no word on what caused the collapse, or when the displaced residents are expected to be allowed to go home.