Man sentenced to probation in gang rape of 13-year-girl

Published: Jan. 3, 2017 at 2:43 PM MST
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One of six men arrested in the gang rape of a 13-year-old girl more than a year ago will not see jail time.

Tyron Williams, 19, was sentenced Tuesday to 10 years to life of sex offender intense supervised probation as part of a plea agreement after pleading guilty to sex assault on a child. According to the judge, that's the most closely watched type of probation. The judge said it involves hundreds of rules, including therapy and polygraph tests. If he violates that probation, however, he will see jail time.

One other man involved in the case, James Williams, 20, was sentenced back in August to five years of probation after pleading guilty to accessory to crime.

On Dec. 20, 2016, a 13-year-old girl reported to police that she was raped at the Stonebrook Terrance Apartments in the 4000 block of Tappan Drive by several men.

The initial investigation led them to first identify one suspect. While they were serving an arrest and search warrant on that suspect, they found information connecting three others. Later that day, detectives from the Crimes Against Children Unit and the Tactical Enforcement Unit arrested the four suspects for the rape.

Those four were identified as 21-year-old Jacolby Williams, 19-year-old Clarence Williams, 20-year-old Tommy Williams and an unidentified then 16-year-old male.

"The victim was able to identify two additional suspects who participated in the sexual assault. We were able to obtain arrest warrants for them," said Sgt. Mark Chacon with Colorado Springs Police's Crime Against Children Unit.

Tyron and James Williams were identified as other suspects and were arrested on Jan. 2, 2016.

According to their arrest papers, some of the suspects are brothers and others are cousins.

"It's very important to report these incidences immediately after they happen. Typically look for what we call DNA evidence or injuries that could occur as a result of the sexual assault," Chacon said.

The 13-year-old told investigators she knew one of the suspects, who invited her to the apartment to play video games.

She told investigators while at the apartment with a couple other female friends, she went to the bathroom and her friends left. At that time, arrest papers say two men pulled her out of the bathroom and reportedly forced her into the bedroom where the other suspects were waiting before the reported gang rape happened.

The victim's grandmother spoke in court before Tyron's sentencing, describing the disturbing acts that her granddaughter recalled to her. She said her granddaughter was rotated around the bed, and "treated like a hand on a clock" while she was raped.

They revealed the victim has been in therapy for the past 14 months and is still struggling. She was supposed to speak in court before Tuesday's sentencing, but had an anxiety attack and couldn't bring herself to do it, according to the grandmother.

One factor in the sentencing was that the family did not want to further traumatize the victim by taking this case to trial, which the judge took into consideration when accepting the plea agreement. However, the family was also concerned about whether or not Tyron Williams would follow the rules and didn't want him doing this again to anyone else.

Prior to the sentencing, Tyron Williams gave a brief statement. He said, "I apologize to [the victim] and her family for what happened. If I knew she was underage, it wouldn’t have happened in the first place."

11 News reporter Khloe Keeler reached out to the 4th Judicial District Attorney's Office for more answers on why probation was chosen, but is still waiting to hear back.

There are still four more suspects with court cases in the next two months. Jacolby Williams will face trial on March 5, Tommy and Clarence Williams will both be sentenced April 3, and the minor still has an upcoming court date as well.