Man walking dog spots alligator wandering around Pittsburgh neighborhood

A 5-foot alligator was found wandering a neighborhood in Pittsburgh, Pa. (Source: WTAE/Hearst/CNN)
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PITTSBURGH (WTAE/CNN) – A 5-foot alligator made an appearance in a Pittsburgh neighborhood Thursday night.

It was spotted by a man out walking his dog.

Police formed a perimeter around the creature to keep people safe, and Animal Care and Control were called out to pick it up.

The alligator was taken to Pittsburgh's Humane Animal Rescue, where they set it up in a plastic pool filled with water.

Neighbors are relieved it didn't do any damage.

"I'm glad my cats didn't sneak out at night, because that would have made a very delicious meal for the alligator," one neighbor said.

Pittsburgh Police Cmdr. Mike Pilyih said the case is likely the result of someone buying the alligator, raising it until it got too big to care for and releasing it into the wild.

Officials said they hope to get the alligator to a nonprofit sanctuary for unwanted reptiles in Florida called Croc Encounters.

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