Uber driver claims self-defense was why he shot passenger

Michael Hancock (Photo: Denver Police Dept.) Background: KCNC

DENVER (KKTV) - The Uber driver accused of shooting and killed his passenger while traveling on I-25 early Friday morning is now being held without bond.

Michael Hancock, 29, was arrested several hours after the shooting Friday and made his first appearance before a judge Saturday.

Police said the shooting appeared to have been prompted by some sort of argument between the driver and passenger.

"It appears there was an Uber driver and his passenger got into a conflict inside his vehicle," said Sonny Jackson with the Denver Police Department. "Shots were exchanged, were fired."

The passenger had multiple gunshot wounds when he made it to the hospital. He died shortly after.

Jackson stressed it was very early in the investigation and police were not going to speculate on what transpired inside the vehicle before the shooting.

"We do know [the suspect] works for Uber. We're going to determine if he was on a ride, what the relationship was between what appears to be a passenger and the driver, but I don't think any relationship prior to this particular run, though."

Suspect Hancock has told police the victim, 45-year-old Hyun Kim, attacked him and that's why he fired his gun. Police confirmed driver-suspect was taken to the hospital for unspecified injuries before he was later arrested. Jackson did not know if the victim was armed.

The shooting happened on I-25 near the University Boulevard exit (exit 205) between 2:30-2:45 a.m. Police are looking for witnesses who were on the interstate around that time.

"That's one thing we need, we need additional witness help with this," Jackson said. "We are talking to witnesses we have now. We are processing a very detailed scene here on the highway at this point in time."