Call for Action: Scammers asking for donations for families of fallen officers

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - We have a warning about a scam that is making the rounds. The caller is posing as someone from the police department and asking for donations. We've told you about scams like this in the past.

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“It definitely had my interest at first," said Joseph Chambers.

He got a voicemail over the weekend, so he called the number back.

"Essentially what it said was that they were with the Colorado Springs Police Department trying to collect donations for a fund, for like a foundation for family members of fallen officers," said Chambers.

The caller says they are collecting money for families of fallen officers.

"They were wanting to know if they could send me a donation packet that I could send back into them," said Chambers.

At first, he was interested in helping out.

"That definitely was something that struck me personally, and yeah it'd be something I'd be interested in," he said. "But then I just got this really odd feeling."

Chambers said it sounded like an automated response.

"When I asked it how they got my number, it just started repeating the information over and over so I hung up," he said.

So he reached out to police.

“I actually reached out to CSPD over Facebook," said Chambers. "They said, 'It’s absolutely a scam.' They would never call anybody and ask for any sort of money.”

The Colorado Springs Police Department wants to remind everyone they would never ask for money, for any reason.

"Honestly it really aggravates me because I'm a big supporter of law enforcement officers," said Chambers. "Especially playing on that sympathy card for something like that -- really, just low."

Thankfully, Chambers did not give the scammers any money or any information, but he wants to warn others about the call.

"That gut feeling always pays off," he added.

Police want to hear from you if you get a call like this. You can call CSPD at 444-7000.