Soldiers cope with balmy conditions at Fort Irwin in the Mojave Desert

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FORT IRWIN, Calif. (KKTV) - We recently got a chance to embed with some of our Fort Carson soldiers while they were training in Fort Irwin. That's in the middle of the harsh California desert where temperatures climb into the triple digits.

Soldier hangs up air fresheners in military vehicle.

Temperatures get well above 100 degrees in the Mojave Desert, which is the home of the Army's National Training Center.

Our soldiers are pushed to the limit training in balmy conditions. So, some Fort Carson soldiers took it upon themselves to freshen up the place.

"We put them up there during missions and stuff like that because spending 15 days in the box, everybody gets kind of smelly," said Sgt. John Cole. "So we put them in there to keep it smelling good."

Sgt. Cole hung up "new car scent" air fresheners to keep his vehicle smelling fresh.

"For the first five days, it didn't smell really bad. And then once you've been out there for a while, it just starts building up so they kind of lose their smells," said Sgt. Cole.

The million dollar question: does it smell like a new car?

"Not really," he added. "Not really all."