31-year-old allegedly breaking into high schoolers' cars

CAÑON CITY (KKTV) - Police say a 31-year-old man has been stealing from high school students' vehicles.

Officers were alerted Monday afternoon that a man was hanging around the Canon City High School parking lot, trying to get inside vehicles.

The suspect was still there when police got to the school. He was allegedly found with several items taken from the cars, including a Cañon City High School jersey.

Identified as Channing Whitney, police say he is facing two counts of first-degree criminal trespass and two counts of theft.

Police say they've seen a "decent amount of vehicle trespasses" in recent weeks.

"People think it's still little tiny Cañon City and they don't lock their cars like they should," said Patrol Corporal John Sabatino. "We have people going around shaking door handles and if the door opens, then they make themselves privy to whatever they can grab a hold of."

Whitney is also a suspect in a burglary case.