2017 sees highest Colorado graduation rate in 7 years

Published: Jan. 18, 2018 at 2:47 PM MST
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Colorado saw its highest graduation rate for high school in 2017 than the past seven years.

The Colorado Department of Education released results Thursday.

The class of 2017 saw 79 percent of its students graduate, which was 858 more people than in 2016.

“Our steady upward trend is a credit to the teachers, parents and students who are working incredibly hard, but we still have work to do, especially in 0narrowing the achievement gap,” said Colorado education Commissioner Katy Anthes. “We see more students who graduate high school with work-ready credentials and who complete several college credits, which means they are ready for next steps after high school to enter higher education, get a living wage job or enter military service.”

The drop-out rate also remains at an all-time low for the second year in a row at 2.3 percent.

Females had higher graduation rates than males at 82.8 percent versus 75.7 percent, respectively.

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