'Almost an explosion': High-speed crash sends minivan flying into porch

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - A driver going "recklessly" fast blew through a stop sign and plowed into a minivan, pushing it across the street and onto a nearby front porch.

At least four people were taken to the hospital, including the driver police say caused the crash.

The crash happened just before 10 Monday night at the intersection of East Kiowa Street and North Prospect Street, just northwest of Memorial Park. Police say the Ford Raptor pickup was heading southbound on Prospect and ignored the stop sign at Kiowa. Just as the Raptor was running the stop sign, a westbound minivan was crossing the intersection.

"Guy ran the stop sign and hit a minivan full speed, just took him out," said witness Paul Besonday, who lives nearby.

Police have not confirmed Besonday's estimate that the truck was "flying by ... easily 80 to 100 miles per hour," but did tell 11 News the driver was going "very fast" at "reckless speeds."

The minivan spun into a power pole, then crashed through a fence and went across the yard of a corner house until finally coming to a stop on the porch -- narrowly missing the home itself.

Hours later, debris from the vehicles still litter the sidewalk and yard.

"It was a pretty big, almost an explosion sound, and it brought everybody out of their houses," Besonday said.

Besonday rushed to the minivan and said he stayed by the driver's side while waiting for first responders.

"He was mentioning he was coming home from teaching at school and just driving up the road going home," he told 11 News.

Police say the minivan driver suffered serious injuries. The three people in the truck were also hurt and taken to the hospital, but the severity of their injuries is not known.

John Purcell, the man police say was behind the wheel of the Raptor, is now facing vehicular assault charges.