Lawsuit filed following Colorado house explosion

Photo: KCNC
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FIRESTONE, Colo. (AP/KKTV) - The first lawsuit stemming from the deadly house explosion in northern Colorado has been filed.

Jeffrey and Karla Baum filed a negligence lawsuit against Anadarko Petroleum Corporation and others Monday over fears their home isn't safe after the explosion.

Investigators revealed the cause of a home explosion in Colorado that killed two people and left another badly burned.

Firestone Fire Protection District Chief Ted Poszywak said the April 17 explosion was the result of "fugitive gas." Poszywak went on to say the gas leaked from a severed and uncapped line that was abandoned. The proximity of the well to the home did not play a role in the explosion according to investigators.

“Abandoned flow lines were the source of the leak and the explosion,” Poszywak said.

The house was within 200 feet of a well. The well was drilled in 1993 and the house and others nearby were built later.

The state regulates the distance between new wells and existing homes, but local governments control how close new houses can be built to existing wells. In Firestone, the requirement is 150 feet.

Erin Martinez, a physics and chemistry teacher, survived the deadly explosion but her husband, Mark, and her brother, Joseph Irwin, were killed in the explosion.

The owner of a gas well near the explosion says it is cooperating with investigators after fire officials blamed the explosion on odorless, unrefined gas leaking from a pipeline connected to the well.

Anadarko Petroleum said the company wants to ensure that "no stone is left unturned" before investigators reach final conclusions.