2 escape through upstairs window after fire starts

 Photo: CSFD
Photo: CSFD (KKTV)
Published: Jun. 2, 2018 at 8:48 AM MDT
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Three stories caught fire after a blaze sparked in a northeast Springs home early Saturday morning.

The two residents inside the house on Independence Drive were able to escape before the home was engulfed by the fast-moving flames, which had spread through the whole house by the time firefighters arrived.

"Upon arrival they found a fully-involved residential home," said Lt. Kevin Ducy with the Colorado Springs Fire Department. "... They tried to make an offensive attack on the home -- it ended up being all three floors."

"I woke up to sirens coming down through the neighborhood," neighbor Steven Liest told 11 News. "... I went outside to be the typical nosy neighbor, and I heard three or four loud pops and I could see a pool of smoke coming up."

Liest said he then saw flames shooting from the home.

"You could actually see the flames all the way down from the corner [of the street]," he said.

Firefighters fought to keep the flames contained to the single house.

"It surprised me that it didn't spread to another house, as much as it was going," Liest said, praising the firefighters for their work.

Much of the interior was gutted by the flames before firefighters could get the fire out.

The couple in the home was forced to escape through a second-story window. One of the occupants suffered an ankle injury, along with smoke inhalation.

Investigators believe the fire spread as fast as it did due to recent renovations to the home.