Man will not see jail time for his involvement in Colorado Springs daycare standoff

A man will not see any jail time for is involvement during a standoff at a daycare in Colorado Springs.

Dirk Kilgore pleaded guilty to being an accessory to the crime that happened in August. The babysitter, Anna Brimm, is facing kidnapping charges for holding one of the kids being cared for.

Kilgore brought the child out during the standoff to police and then lied about the woman being inside the house. As part of a plea deal Kilgore will be on probation for two years.


A man and a woman were arrested after an investigation into an unlicensed daycare turned into a standoff with a 2-year-old held hostage.

The child was eventually returned to his parents -- shaking, crying, but unharmed -- but not before an hour of negotiations between police and the people inside the house.

"I was in complete shock," the mother of the child taken hostage told 11 News, speaking anonymously.

The mom says she knew a "Sarah Richmond" had been watching her son inside the daycare since November and hadn't had any problems. But on Friday when she went to pick up her son, there were officers outside the home and "Sarah" wasn't answering.

"I still don't even have words for it," the mother of the boy held hostage stated.

The ordeal started just before 7:30 Friday night after a different parent grew concerned, having expected "Richmond" to drop formula by her home for her daughter. When she never showed up, that parent tells 11 News she asked police to swing by the in-home daycare on Warwick Lane.

"I called for a welfare check for her because I hadn't heard from her. It wasn't like her, and I was concerned for her," the parent told 11 News. She has also asked to remain anonymous.

Things quickly took a bizarre turn after officers reached the scene and
learned the woman in the home wasn't who she said she was; rather than being Sarah Richmond, owner of Tiny Toes daycare, police say she was Anna Brimm, who had several warrants out for her arrest.

It was around the same time officers were getting to the scene that the parents of the 2-year-old boy showed up, stating they also weren't able to reach "Richmond." Brimm and a man inside the house, since identified as Dirk Kilgore, allegedly refused to open the door for the parents or the officers, though Brimm eventually responded to a text message from the parents, confirming their child was with her in the house.

"One of the commanders was on a bullhorn and went up to the door and said, 'If you don't come out soon, we're going to charge you with kidnapping. This is your last warning,'" neighbor Carl Brandenburg told 11 News.

For an hour, police attempted negotiations before Kilgore finally brought the distressed toddler outside.

"It was a stalemate for quite a while ... [Kilgore] came out holding a child and they immediately took the child and then handcuffed him, arrested him," Brandenburg said.

It was another 20 minutes before Brimm surrendered.

Brandenburg saw the standoff unfold but said he had no idea the home was a daycare.

"I'd see kids coming in and out around 5 o'clock, but no, I thought they were just friends," he said.

Police say they later obtained a search warrant and went inside the house, where they found a huge amount of drugs, including 12.6 grams of meth, 7.3 grams of brown heroin, 28.2 grams of black tar heroin, 1.3 grams of cocaine, and 550 prescription pills. The recovered drugs were reportedly worth over $35,000.

The parent who called in the welfare check told 11 News she was stunned when she learned what had transpired at the home. She said she had done a thorough check on Brimm before entrusting her with her 6-month-old daughter, and there was never any sign she wasn't what she appeared.

"Immediately when you walk into the living room, it looks like a daycare. There’s toys. It’s very clean. There’s colorful foam pads on the floor. It doesn’t look like a living room. It looks like a daycare. ... We spoke with [Brimm] and she was very sweet, very good with my daughter. She held her and interacted with my son as well. We felt comfortable there," the parent said.

The mother said she also contacted Brimm's references, and all had nothing but good things to say about her.

"It was very convincing," she told 11 News.

The parents of the toddler at the center of the standoff agreed.

"I went to meet her, of course, before I even wanted my son to go there. It looked like a daycare. It was set up great. She has toys in her living room, lots of toys. She has a playground set in the backyard. She showed me her nursery, which had two different playpens. It had a rocking chair, all kinds of stuff. ... It was just kind of finding someone who I felt I could trust and who was reasonably priced."

Brimm, 27, faces second-degree kidnapping and child abuse charges, along with several other charges related to drugs. Kilgore, 44, was arrested on charges of attempting to influence a public servant.

"It's insane to think that my son was there for nine months," the mother of the boy held hostage said. "What he could have seen, I don't know."