14 and 15-year-old arrested after stealing, landing plane near Colorado/Utah border

Photo: Uintah County Sheriff's Office

VERNAL, Utah (KKTV) - Two Utah teens took joyriding to another level after they stole a small plane from a private airstrip Thanksgiving morning.

The Uintah County Sheriff's Office says the 14 and 15-year-old managed to fly the plane 15 miles and land successfully at Vernal Regional Airport, 30 miles west of the Colorado state line.

The boys had reportedly run away from a group home earlier in the week and worked their way east. On Thursday morning, they drove a tractor to the airstrip in Jensen, Utah and hopped into the fixed-wing, single engine light sport aircraft. Deputies say the plane was then flying "very low" along Highway 40.

Law enforcement was at the airport waiting when the teens landed. They were promptly arrested and taken to the Split Mountain Youth Detention Center in Vernal. They are facing multiple charges.