11 News helps get large pothole fixed on Palmer Park

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) A large pothole in Colorado Springs was fixed several hours after 11 News began asking questions about it on Tuesday.

While the city of Colorado Springs wouldn't confirm that's why the pothole on Palmer Park near Union was fixed, the crew on scene told 11 News' Dustin Cuzick they were called away from another project in town.

Neighbors said they saw several cars pop their tire on the pothole in the last week.

The city said it was on its list; however, it was only reported by one person on June 27.

A nearby business owner said he saw someone hit the pothole so hard earlier Tuesday that some of the equipment came flying off the driver's truck.

"It flew up in the air; I thought it was going to hit a Cadillac," said Ray Little. "It flew up in the air about 20 feet and came down bouncing."

The driver of that truck spoke to 11 News and said he didn't plan to file a claim with the city because he didn't think "he'd ever see a dime."

The city said there haven't been any claims for damage made by that particular pothole.

To report problematic potholes to the city, you can do so online or call the hotline at 719-385-7623.